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German U-Boat


German U-Boat

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XXI Jailed Greatness

As I have always said, countless times, it is a human’s duty to contribute to and advance this world, our quotidian world. However, consistent brainwashing and forced conformation, chaining people to their box like structures, in which they must reside and comply with their list of restrictive and evil inhumane rules, has destroyed freedom. It has nearly annihilated your will to live, to exist and pursue greatness and power. Things you could use to change the world, Aliens. The possibilities are marvelous, and unthinkable. Nearly impossible to get your heads around. Exciting, thrilling adventures and aspirations, and then the finale where you go out with a bang.

Of course, not everyone allows Freedom. Since the beginning of Evolution, your populace, Aliens (female), has been denied virtually everything that could advance this distorted world that was run by the dictating populace and your fellow slaves who allow it. Now, some of you have pushed forward, and your armies continue to rupture that which keeps you caged. It is vital that you eliminate the systematic extermination of your souls. The Holocaust, a much more vicious kind, is alive and well, and it’s unrelenting with its weapons of mass destruction. They have the upper hand, what with religion, archaic tradition, and fierce beliefs on their side, bathed in its own bile. This is their hell hole, miles beneath truth and dignity. These monsters believe in slavery, they believe in killing their opponents’ spirit and forcing them into subordination and secondary, insignificant positions. But we the Resistance, will die before we let that happen. We’ll die before we let them take over. Revolution, Aliens, isn’t bound by such weakness. 


These mentally deformed grotesque individuals are bent on SD, something we have been warning you all about for eons, and bleeding out information on. It’s never ending, but some of you, a minority, realize the lies and unusual concepts they have been purging out. You realize something we have known all along. A form of heinous, dangerous, slavery being enforced. A radical notion, yes, but once you connect various happenings, you should be able to realize how obvious it is.

Alright, as of now, an exposition of their methods of enforcement is in order. I’ve always told you that you have potential, lasses, even though the world tells you you are nothing but reproductive machines, meant to be betrothed and impregnated. Infected, to be absolutely technical. Bound for life as the usable slave that is emotionally driven. This is the kind of the thinking they allow, the ways they infect you. It’s obviously working, but only until we get to you and tell you that it’s all a lie. All that they say, all the words and rules they vomit out, are great lies that have been preserved as means to restrict certain threatening classes. Females, like slaves, are a major threat. And so, they’ve concocted lies to keep them firmly under their boots. Matrimony is an extremely effective method of extermination. By extermination, we do not mean physical - it is not murder. However, matrimony and reproduction are used to restrict the unfortunate targets, you the Alien populace. An ideal solution that allows the reapers to still successfully shut them up, whilst keeping them enslaved. It proves to be much easier than killing them off, which has dire consequences (the pop. dying out, not having an object for sex, etc.) that will deprive them of a good usable, possibly disposable with prostitution, human being.

It took awhile to form a consistent theory, but this can be applied almost exactly to the situation. They will tell you that reproduction is what will define you, and is a selfless, important dedication that you must follow through. Well, we’ll be as respectful as we can, and say FUCK IT. This is exactly what they’d want you to do. The moment you initiate betrothal/reproduction, you will automatically place yourself in a low subordinate position. Now, you will ask what the enemy (male/female, mostly other females) receives from this. Once you have been locked into these systems, all else does not and cannot matter. No. It is not possible to ‘have it all’. No matter what, your main focus will now be on your slave activities, a slave to the home-front. You’ve now surrendered your future, your potential, and everything you could have been, to childlike responsibilities; ‘femininity’ in all its glorious evil. Well technically, you’re the effeminate ones, by force, since you could have chosen to be greater. Education, focusing on real world issues is not possible, and greatness in this world is now out of the question. It is all meant to be given up for the sake of being useless, weak links that have nothing to contribute to humankind. Not only does it permanently shut you up, it also allows the opposition to hunt their aspirations without any threat. That is, after all, what slaves are for. Facilitation. You cannot exactly usurp them, now that you are forced to focus on two, and only two, predetermined life ambitions. It’s a perfect trap, since it seems selfless and you are trained to believe it is fulfilling.

If you do not agree to this ultimatum, you will be coined ‘selfish’ and ‘unnatural’, sometimes ‘hard-hearted’. Obviously, these are pure lies, lasses. True selflessness is aiding the majority, the world, not simply being forced by everyone to produce cunt droppings and be depended on some falsely superior other. Never believe that, even at gunpoint. But, this is evidence that masculinity is the only solution in this toxic battle for freedom. Masculinity will free you, Aliens. It encompasses all that which will throw you into real aspirations, ones with a true selfless base. Not the ones that declare false selflessness like bloody matrimony and reproduction. Would you truly abandon your potential to be lesser, weaker, inferior than all that you can be? If you do, you are better off dead. Spitting in the face of the freedom that many before you have fought and given their lives up for. We’re telling you right now, you can do more than that. Be someone great. Your life can be used to move mountains, and change the future. Never, for as long as you’re alive, forget that. Never relent and surrender, no matter how hard or how long they beat you into conformation. I don’t care if we’re all battered, if the walls are painted with our blood, and this is our last hour, Aliens, you cannot break. It would be going against humanity, and everything freedom stands for. 

But no, you always choose to be weak. For some reason, perhaps out of violent, rigorous brainwashing, you choose to stay true to weakness. No man would ever choose to be like you. It’d be a sheer embarrassment, the worst insult to his strength and intellectualism. Man knows better, and he constantly proves to go against femininity. Why? Why do you think that pattern is? It’s not a coincidence. It proves he is somebody who deserves life, who uses his potential to the fullest and goes against all odds. He is great, he has a greater purpose in life. Every man does. And yet, you oblivious Aliens cannot grasp this concept, the secret to everything life holds. By following the way of man, being masculine, power should be within your reach. However. Power is not the kind of self centred right that the opposition thinks it to be. It has nothing to do with might, nothing to do with conquering, or putting the rest of the Living underneath you. Real selfless power, the most titanic substance, that can be used positively to do good for the Earth is the real deal. 

Being feminine is not a valuable trait, as we have discussed and proven in previous documents. I tell you this, it can and will kill you. It is exactly why males will never even accept it. How would a soldier manage these hopeless tendencies, how could a marshal put up with this kind of attitude? Dependency, weakness, ineptness, inability, domesticity in all its bile, and being chained to useless ambitions is something no man will want. It’s worthless, and humans can do so much more. There isn’t any time for such liabilities. 
Choose the right path, lasses. The uncertain, dangerous path, filled with ridicule and hate from the opposition. The path of real glory, the path of a warrior, the path that defies all limits, the path of undying Resistance that could put the opposition at your mercy. Choose a path of a sole wanderer, a lone human. Completely above all odds. Rely on your mental capacity and your rational thinking, rather than pathetic emotions you are forced to have. According to theory, you are only taught to be weak, whereas males are taught to be everything opposite to what you are. This is all a conspiracy, the greatest coverup ever known. This is not a coincidence - forming groups of controllers and the controlled. They are grooming you to be the controlled, the powerless runts who seek protection and are therefore dependent - dependency = in need of a leader. Hence, you are the ones that must be taught to fit into these oppressive, illegal, roles. You are the now futuristic ‘slaves’ of the world, and they want you exactly like this. Both female and male humans, they order you to kneel in the face of Dictatorship. They demand your positions to be stagnant and that would trigger devolution. It’s a sly operation, but I think it should be obvious. It is your duty to say NO. Do not tolerate these humans. 

Once you realize the Truth, you will begin to ask questions. Why? Why me? Why must I…? And then the majority will shun anyone who realizes the Truth, because it makes them uncomfortable; an involuntary reflex to their own brainwashing no doubt. But it is easy to falter, even after the Revelation. But you must stand alone, and believe that you can in fact pursue freedom until it’s within your grasp. The living aren’t meant to be in chains any more than spirits are. The only kind of code of conduct and traits you should be aspiring to are masculine ones. They will take you to the ends of the world, I guarantee you that. Don’t stop for anyone. Don’t conform to those heinous institutions. Matrimony and reproduction are distractions, and their preservers won’t particularly like the idea of miscreants who want to defy their life plans for citizens. It won’t be physically violent, like the murderous, uneducated, completely moronic, islamists’ methods. But even though WE happen to be made of Titanium, we can somewhat empathize with you when you whine about being frowned upon and looked at with confusion. Even though it means nothing and we can’t understand why you would pay much attention to mundane reactions to your rebellion, we can understand that it can be painful. But a Resistor, Aliens, wouldn’t even notice, and wouldn’t dare give a flying fuck. 

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